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Did anakin just kill padame in 2:21

Who's here after the superbowl trailer?!?!?!?!

soo Star wars rebels will end within a few seasons. can we see the final clone wars seasons?.

Este trailer me apareceu hoje? 2019! E foi feito 2014 ? Putz veio de jegue

Still waitin

Friends will indeed never end, they are always on a break !!!!!

Anyone after END GAME 😂😂😂😂

y estan laspeliculas y juegosmescladas

Shaggy could defeat Thanos only using 5.6% of his power

>kids show

Still don't understand why Disney cancelled this. Can you not have Clone Wars AND Rebels air? Clone Wars was almost over anyway, and they already have all 8 seasons made. Just let them release the episodes!. pre visla looks like Taylor from cod I've watched this trailer more than Dr. Strange watched infinity war outcomes😂😂.

03:09 what will happend??! @theMystificat0r she will not die; they will to many fans!

Thank the gods I didn't watched any trailer, this is the whole movie.





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